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Laser cutting machine combined with modern toys

Toys are believed to be familiar to everyone. Lego, building blocks, plush toys, and remote-controlled cars are all toys that children love today. If there are children in the family, at least the house is full of his toys, and a variety of toys with various brands and different ways of playing can't open their eyes.

Now everyone's living standards have improved. As parents choose to no longer consider the price when purchasing toys, but consider their production process and product level, which has become a hot spot for the majority of toy factories.

In the traditional manufacturing process of cloth and plush toys, it is usually used to make pieces of toy parts by using props or perm. The molds are manufactured with high finished products, long manufacturing time, low cutting precision, low repetition rate, and different types of toy parts. To make blades of different shapes and sizes, if you can't use this shape or size later, then the die becomes disposable and wasteful.

In particular, it is easy to cause the toy surface to be stripped due to deformation and dullness of the cutting edge, which seriously affects the work efficiency and quality of the toy factory. The hot sheet is not slow, artificial and fabric loss is large, and the processing smoke is strong and damages the body health. Especially in the processing of high-end cloth toys. The traditional method of processing equipment has become more and more difficult.

The advent and application of the laser cutting machine successfully solved the above problems. The advanced numerical control operation combined with the non-contact processing method not only ensures the high-speed stability of the laser equipment, but also ensures the fine and smooth and accurate of the incision, especially in the cutting of the eye, nose and ear equivalent parts of animal toys and cartoon toys. It is more handy.

Especially for the automatic feeding, intelligent typesetting, multi-head cutting, mirror cutting of symmetrical parts in the toy field. The application of these functions not only satisfies the manufacturing characteristics of the toy factory manufacturing large quantities, strict requirements, complicated construction period, but also saving materials, energy saving and environmental protection, improving product quality, improving processing efficiency and profit. The laser cutting machine was successfully used in the manufacture of the Olympic Fuwa. The huge base of the world's 6.6 billion people and the rapid and rapid development of the industrial economy have determined the huge market demand in the fields of home textiles, toys, trademarks, automotive interiors, etc. Relatedly, advanced processing technology has become an increasingly popular manufacturer. Hot spots of concern.

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