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Lightweight of new energy vehicles has become a trend, and magnesium alloys have shown amazing potential in the field of batteries.

At present, more and more attention is paid to new energy vehicles, and there are problems such as excessive weight and short cruising range. Therefore, the energy density ratio of batteries such as lithium batteries is improved, and the weight reduction and structural safety of the battery box are realized, which is a new energy automobile manufacturer. Need to solve the problem urgently.

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Researchers at the University of Houston and the University of Houston have discovered a very promising high-energy magnesium battery for potential applications ranging from electric vehicles to battery storage for renewable energy systems.

Scientists have spent decades looking for high-energy magnesium batteries, hoping to take advantage of the natural advantages of magnesium over lithium (lithium is an element used in standard lithium-ion batteries). However, magnesium is more common and therefore less expensive, and its internal structure is less susceptible to damage (lithium-ion batteries often explode and catch fire).

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Advantage analysis

1. Magnesium series batteries do not contain heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and lead, and are environmentally friendly products:

Common dry batteries, alkaline batteries, and batteries used in the market mostly use metallic mercury, cadmium, and lead. After the battery is used up, nearly 100 tons of mercury, cadmium and lead will be abandoned in the atmosphere, rivers and land every year, causing environmental pollution. Therefore, people have asked for recycling of used batteries. However, the recovered waste batteries do not currently have a good treatment plan, so people have always regarded the battery as a "public hazard." Magnesium series batteries can be called green batteries from raw materials (all raw materials) to the production process until the waste is used without any pollution to the environment.

2, the average working voltage of the pen zinc battery is 0.2-0.3V high;

3, low production cost: compared with the same type of zinc-manganese battery, the cost is reduced by 20%-30%, or even lower;

4, large capacity (magnesium electrochemical equivalent 2.2Ah / g, nearly three times more than zinc electrochemical equivalent 0.82 Ah / g), the capacity is more than 2 times larger than the same type of zinc-manganese battery;

5. Adapt to large current pulse discharge, the discharge curve is high and stable, and the duration is long;

6, low performance is good;

7, good storage performance;

8. The energy of the magnesium battery product is high; theoretically, it is twice the volume of the lithium battery.

It is nearly 10 times more than lead-acid batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries. Its cycle life is expected to reach 1800-2500 times or more, and the capacity is only reduced by 5-10%. This will be the longest long-life battery in the battery field. His application range is very wide and the prospects are unlimited. If it is developed successfully, it will be called the preferred battery for electric vehicles and electric bicycles.

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