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10 innovation opportunities that should be seized now

 10 innovation opportunities that should be seized now

Wrote By Wang Yuquan

1. Stand up to the tide to make innovations

Innovation is not far away, and it is not as hard as you think. When you get together with the genius every day, you have the chance to do your best.

Case: Wicab "Blind Eyeglasses"

This glasses allows blind people to feel the world outside and change their lives.

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This company partnered with the China Medical Transformation Center last year to register, declare and mass produce in China. We hope to complete it early next year. Now the price of this product is 10,000 US dollars (equivalent to 67,109 RMB). Our goal is very clear, that is, through mass production in China, the price will be reduced to 10,000 RMB.

Our contribution is to sell the best products at the cheapest price, which is China's contribution.

I am planning to set up a brain science research institute. Why did you set up this research institute? Research at the forefront of cognitive science, one of which is called "brain machine interface."

The brain is a rich mine with too many smart things. When it comes to artificial intelligence, you will find that our brain is better than artificial intelligence. But you need to have tests and interactions to understand the tools of this brain, so it is called "brain interface."

But now all brain-computer interfaces are open, so this idea is not valid.


So we have to study the non-implantable brain-computer interface. Because people have formed a complete system of information from the peripheral nerves to the brain's nerves for hundreds of millions of years, there is no need to transmit directly to the brain. And that's a bad way. The best way is to use the current peripheral nervous system to send signals to the brain.

After the establishment of the institute, we will officially announce the opening of this tongue-and-groove system to all academic institutions and medical institutions. You can use my tongue to do all kinds of research.


In the future, patients with Alzheimer's disease may need to include this tongue at night to stimulate his brain to ensure that the brain is exercised to ensure that his nerves do not degenerate.

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We usually only exercise a part of the brain. You can't guarantee that all parts of the brain are exercised. How can you ensure that the degraded part is exercised?

In the future, our input system has the ability to stimulate the brain with various modes of input. People lying in MRI can know which part of the brain is activated. You can activate the differences in the brains of various parts and slowly find a way to activate all parts of the brain. Let us not forget that the brain system and the rational system are two different things.


The brain can continue to work while sleeping, and dreaming is part of the brain's work.

Currently, the world is studying an area called reinforcement learning. Here, it refers to the intensive learning of human beings, which is to apply moderate current stimulation to the brain, and the learning ability will be strengthened.

Just as we look at humans 70 million years ago, it is illiterate in our eyes because they are illiterate. Maybe a hundred years later, the descendants will look at us and say that you are illiterate, and we have none of the skills you have.

We hope to be despised by future generations, indicating that they have progressed. Human beings are not a generation to surpass generations. We are willing to be the cornerstone of the latter generation. Do not think that we cannot promote the forefront of science and technology.

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We have the ability to industrialize and provide the world's best cognitive science, learning and platform to certain scientific research institutions on a certain industrial basis. This is the highest thing in China's cutting-edge science and technology research and development.

 2, looking for technology from the application

The Chinese will find the market, find the demand, and find a solution.


I have a friend Jiang Yuyuan who once won the National Rubik's Cube Championship. Since he had a game request for the Rubik's Cube, he requested to screw it very quickly. In the war, he needed the conditions and he found an entrepreneurial opportunity to become an industry.

He implanted encoders, gyroscopes, microcontrollers, and Bluetooth chips in the little cube. The intelligent Rubik's Cube can track and record the movement posture of the Rubik's Cube. No matter how fine the rotation is, it can be rotated quickly, and the angle change of the overall posture can be recorded one by one. So after the App knows the Rubik's Cube state, we can develop the AI tutorial. The App teaches the user to learn the Rubik's Cube according to the specific state of the Rubik's Cube.

As the player's speed-up level increases, players can rely on our online platform to connect with players around the world anytime, anywhere, and even share social functions such as experience and battle. It is no longer the Rubik's cube we used to think.

I feel that the talents of this era have turned their interests into careers, happy, earned money, and have a sense of accomplishment. So if you have something you like, you will be able to find an application that you can use.

3, investment layout technology frontier

From the perspective of investment, we are laying out the frontiers of technology. This is what we are doing. The previous investment model, especially the angel investment model, is called 3F mode: Friends, Family, and Fools.

Why is it called 3F mode? The reason is that early return on investment is difficult to obtain. The early investment in the investment of cutting-edge technology companies and the establishment of relationships can actually help many large enterprises to complete the frontier of science and technology.

4. Become a technology entrepreneur

There are many opportunities for investment now, and it is not just investors who can make investments. If you have a good combination with this industry, this is the best opportunity for you to invest.

Investors can also have better returns and guarantees when they are united. If you have a good combination with the industry, it is the best opportunity for you to invest.

Also, let yourself be the entrepreneur. We do not encourage young people to start a business, because entrepreneurship requires not only contacts, resources and experience, but the accumulation of experience is very important. It is difficult to accumulate a lot of experience in the teaching system, and the most important thing is to do it. Therefore, the best way is to join the team. When you have a cow around you, you can join the first group of entrepreneurs to call the co-founder.

Don't think that the co-founder is so tall. In fact, when a person is founded, a company may have only 10 people in the early team. These people can be called co-founders. We all know Ali's entrepreneurial story, Ma Yun's 18 Luohan, that 17 people can be called co-founders.

Investors and entrepreneurs, especially with large companies, work together to lay out the frontiers of technology, helping companies solve the problems of cutting-edge technology and helping small businesses grow.

   5. Practice innovation on existing platforms

UAVs have become a good platform, and it is easy to find their own breakthroughs when doing various applications on a platform with mature technology.

Biological research field

Case: UAV long-term tracking of marine organisms for biological research

The narwhal has a long horn in front of it, but humans have never known its role. This year, biological research uses drones to track marine life for a long time. It has been taking pictures in the sky, tracking the dynamics of marine life and discovering that the fish are hiding. The hunter is very flexible, and when the narwhal is fishing, it will slap the fish with its horns, so that the fish will not hide back and forth, and the prey is easily captured.


Case 1: Drone demining

Many places have buried a lot of mines because of the war, which has made it impossible to develop these places, and the number of artificial mines is very high. Now that drones enter the field, they can avoid casualties.


Case 2: Drone racing

Jumping a building is life-threatening, but if you want to know how to jump off the building, use a drone to jump off the building. The drone flies to the top of the building, and the participants wear virtual reality glasses to experience the feeling of jumping off the building. It seems to be immersive, but there is no danger.

Innovate in a mature ecology

Who is the bottom of the ecology, and who is obligated to complete this ecology.

Case 1: Dajiang

Dajiang is the pride of the Chinese. Dajiang has basically become Intel in the field of drones. Now the global drone companies will definitely say that I have cooperation with Dajiang, which is very remarkable.


The only thing that has a little shortcoming is that Dajiang has become the creator of the ecology, but has not taken the initiative to maintain and develop this ecology. Therefore, I think that Xinjiang needs a developer conference, which is the responsible performance of global eco developers.

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Case 2: Quick hand

Another eco developer is a quick hand. The original quick-hand application is a place where grassroots people in the third- and fourth-tier cities are exposed to various short videos. Recently, a new type of fast-handed e-commerce has been developed, which is particularly useful for promoting the rural economy, and people are particularly interested in purchasing.

The e-commerce needs to solve the credit. The success of Taobao is to solve the problem of credit. I don't worry about paying first. After I paid it, I will put it in the intermediary. After I have received the confirmation, I will pay the seller to the seller. This is a credit intermediary.

The fast hand completely provides a different idea. If I am broadcasting in the field every day, it is my agricultural operation. I am sure that I can do this, you can trust me, and I am willing to spend time every day. Broadcast, I will definitely not let you go, because I have to rely on this life. If you say that we are not good, I will not live, I care about credibility.

Therefore, the provision of credit is the construction of a reputation system in the new era under the condition that the information flow is gradually enhanced and the information fragmentation is getting finer and finer. Therefore, the fast hand actually solves the problem that the original blockchain wants to solve in a very simple way, and solves the problem of trust by using each person to promote their own products every day.

To put it simply, fast hand is the use of artificial intelligence to achieve decentralized distribution and the spread of civilians. This is remarkable.

Therefore, this platform also has great potential. It may evolve into a lot of e-commerce in addition to today's agricultural products, and there are still many open fields. We don't know today, the future will be more and more perfect. .

6, to be an innovative super user

Case: User value

At this year's southwestern southwest (SXSW) in Austin, USA, I also went with Chinese entrepreneurs and found that the south-southwest reflects an important value - the value of users.

The homestay rental company Airbnb is a success in the south-southwest. The company advocates renting accommodation for strangers, but it has not been successful. It was not until the encounter with the geeks of "loving the early adopters" at the southwestern south conference that they really opened up the market. It was Austin's gang, they called themselves "wacky people", and any new things are willing to try, do not think that these things have any weird.

So, south-southwest, Airbnb first tried to get accepted. These people are still particularly good proliferators, because these people feel very good when they use it, and they will pass it by word of mouth. Airbnb has been very successful today, thanks to the first users who understand them.

I believe that China can at least have a value in innovation and be an innovative super user.

Because we Chinese people like innovation, new things are willing to try. Every time the iPhone comes, it’s long queued to buy. Every time something comes, it’s the first time to experience it.

Including our mobile payment is done everywhere, mobile phone face payment is also everywhere, this is unimaginable abroad, but do not underestimate the value of this. Because the spread of the first users and applications is often critical to the survival of innovation.

Therefore, the Chinese must rethink and know the value of our innovation. Therefore, this year we must do this to do a brand new technology experience festival, because good technology products need someone to experience, maybe it is not complete, may not be perfect, but your experience can help him perfect.

Therefore, the Technology Experience Festival is of great significance to technology companies and technology products, because you must find your early users, receive feedback, and even help you spread. It means a lot to the user, because you can get in touch with technology as early as possible. In this era, technology is not for you to wait until it matures, but to hug it in the first place.

We must reflect on our values in innovation.

7. Be the spokesperson of innovation

Each of us can not only be a user but also a spokesperson. Most of the spokespersons are now stars, but in fact ordinary people can also speak.


8, to be the connector of the technology industry

We have to be a link in the technology industry, especially the connection between scientists and entrepreneurs, so we have been promoting and promoting scientists to help them promote. They also need to have someone to do the docking with the company, and the company needs to know what the scientists are doing.


   9. Innovative credit intermediaries

What does a credit intermediary mean? What is the difference between a credit intermediary and an information broker?


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   10. Be a supporter of innovation

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