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Auto parts classification, what are the auto parts?

The total number of accessories in the car is also unclear, but regardless of the size of the accessories, they support the normal operation of each system of the car, the role can not be underestimated. So, do you know how they are classified?

Auto Parts Classification - Launch System

Engine assemblies, filters, cylinders and components, fuel tanks, crankshafts, camshafts, valves and components, belts, superchargers, carburetor, fuel injection devices, and other engine systems.

Auto Parts Classification - Transmission System

Clutches, reducer assemblies, transmissions, universal joints, power take-offs, synchronizers, differential assemblies, drive shafts, and other transmission systems.

Auto Parts Classification - Steering System

Steering gear assembly, steering wheel, booster, booster pump, steering knuckle, steering rod, and other steering systems; 4. Brake system: brake shoes, brake pads, brake discs, brake drums, friction blocks, air compressors, brakes Assembly, hydraulic brake pump, other manufactured systems.

Auto Parts Classification - Walking System

Front axle, rear axle, damping system, suspension system, balance block, bumper, rim, hub, and other walking systems; 6. Power supply, ignition system: car battery, igniter, car inverter, spark plug, ignition coil, Electronic regulators, cigarette lighters, distributors, power supplies, ignition system accessories.

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Auto Parts Classification - Vehicle Meter

Tachometer, speedometer, car instrument, modified car instrument, engineering vehicle instrument, electric vehicle instrument, car sensor, fuel gauge, barometer, water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, other vehicle instrument.

Auto Parts Classification - Cooling System

Thermostats, pumps, fans, radiators, automotive water pipes, water tanks, and other cooling systems.

Auto Parts Classification - Body and Accessories

Automotive glass, mirrors, license plate frames, seats and accessories, automotive bearings, handrails, handles, handles, fenders, cabs and accessories, glass lifts, wipers, car mufflers, car horns, bumpers, exhaust pipes, Other body and accessories.

Auto Parts - Tires

Automobile tires, agricultural tires, construction machinery tires, and other tires.

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Auto Parts Classification - Headlights

Headlights, headlights, turn signals, corner lights, tail lights, fog lights, instrument lights, brake lights, roof lights, work lights, maintenance lights, other lights.

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