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How to reduce die casting energy cost?

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What should we do if the factory die casting machine uses special electricity? Many companies that use die-casting machines, especially those that use traditional die-casting machines, have such problems. Die-casting machines use special electricity, usually the load rate is very high, and the production of the company is day and night, and it is wasted in one year. A lot of electricity. The more energy-saving methods used before have heating coil energy saving, frequency conversion energy saving, etc., but the power saving rate of these methods is not so high. At present, the mainstream energy-saving method of die-casting machine on the market is the servo energy saving of the die-casting machine. Generally, the power saving rate can reach 40%-90%.

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Not only does the power saving rate increase, but also the servo energy saving of the die casting machine can improve the response speed of the machine? The die-casting machine servo energy-saving optimizes the traditional motor to the advanced servo motor. It is controlled by the servo system, which greatly optimizes the working mode of the die-casting machine motor and reduces the oil temperature inside the machine, thus reducing the temperature of the whole workshop. What should I do if the factory die casting machine uses special electricity? Of course, these are theoretical knowledge. It is best to first survey the site to see the power, motor, operating cycle, etc. of the overall die-casting machine, and then through actual testing to complete how much power a die-casting machine can save.

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