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Guangdong Hongtu, the leading enterprise in the domestic die-casting industry, released the 2018 annual performance report

On the evening of February 27th, Guangdong Hongtu, the leading enterprise in the domestic die-casting industry, released the 2018 annual performance report. The company achieved a total operating income of 6.051 billion yuan in 2018, an increase of 20.96%; operating profit of 460 million yuan, an increase of 20.44%; The net profit of shareholders was 339 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.19%. In the past three years, the company continued to maintain steady growth in revenue and profit.

Multiple factors help the company's overall performance improvement

Guangdong Hongtu is a large-scale comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating die casting technology research, mold design and manufacturing, aluminum magnesium die casting development and production processing, integrated assembly and export trade. In recent years, the company has expanded its business to interior and exterior trim parts. In 2018, the company closely focused on the established development strategy, the various business tasks were steadily advanced, the management level was gradually improved, the gross profit margin of products increased year-on-year, and the business performance achieved steady growth.

In 2018, the company's performance growth year-on-year mainly included many aspects. Among them, the die-casting business benefited from the market development and the Wuhan company's production capacity gradually released, and the operating income increased year-on-year. With outstanding achievements in the foundry industry, the China Foundry Association has awarded the honorary title of “Top 50 Comprehensive Strength of China Die Casting Production Enterprises and AAA Grade Enterprise of Credit Rating of Foundry Enterprises”. While it continues to grow and develop, it also promotes the technological progress of the domestic die-casting industry.

With its long-term and deep accumulation in automotive die castings, the company has developed or is offering a variety of advantages in new energy automotive products, including motor housings, power controller housings, structural components, and transmission housings. The body, battery pack housing, inverter housing, etc., customers are well-known new energy vehicles at home and abroad.

In addition, due to the appreciation of the US dollar against the RMB, the exchange loss decreased sharply year-on-year, and the net profit increased year-on-year; the holding subsidiary Guangdong Baolong Automobile Co., Ltd. received large orders in 2018, and its operating income and net profit increased significantly year-on-year; the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Ningbo Siweier Industry Co., Ltd. first included the full-year data in the company's consolidated statements in 2018, which drove the company's overall performance improvement.

R&D drives innovation and promotes industry development

The company has always insisted on putting innovation, innovation and energy conservation into a key position in the development of the company. Under the background of the country's vigorous promotion of Industry 4.0 and "Made in China 2025", the company has continuously increased investment in research and development funds, improved the efficiency of research and development funds, and provided important guarantees for improving the independent innovation capability of enterprises.

Guangdong Hongtu adheres to the development path of innovative enterprises. Through continuous investment in research and development and the construction of scientific and technological talents, new technologies and new processes are widely used in various projects of the company. In particular, significant breakthroughs have been made in the areas of independent innovation and the transformation of high-tech achievements. Many technologies are at the leading level in the domestic industry and at the international advanced level, and some technologies have reached the international leading level.

At present, the company has established a national postdoctoral research station, a provincial enterprise technology center, a provincial engineering technology research and development center, a provincial industrial technology innovation strategic alliance, a Guangdong academician workstation, and a number of scientific research. The innovation platform and enterprise alliance play a leading role in the research and development, promotion, production demonstration and talent cultivation of new technologies, and have played a role in demonstrating and driving the technological innovation of the industry.

In January 2019, the company cooperated with the team of Academician Ding Wenjiang of Shanghai Jiaotong University, “National Engineering Research Center for Light Alloy Precision Forming (Guangdong Hongtu Sub-center)” and “Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd. – National Research Center for Light Alloy Precision Forming Engineering” The light alloy industry application base will be carried out in the company, focusing on the goal of lightweight vehicles, and continuously research and develop new technologies and applications for high-end light alloy key components, which will help the company build a national enterprise technology center and enhance technology and products. The competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets, and continue to make greater contributions to the development of industry and industry.

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