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The light weight of automobiles is imperative, and domestic aluminum die-casting enterprises are growing at a high speed.

 According to the double-point policy, the average fuel consumption of automobile enterprises in 2025 must reach 4L/100km, which is 36% lower than the actual fuel consumption level in 2017. In addition to increasing the proportion of sales of new energy vehicles, it is imperative for traditional vehicles to significantly reduce fuel consumption. It is also an important path to reduce fuel consumption by significantly increasing the proportion of lightweight materials such as aluminum alloys.

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 Restricted by the battery capacity density, the demand for new energy vehicles to reduce weight and reduce power consumption is more urgent. The application of a large number of aluminum alloy components has become a must for many new energy vehicles.
As an important method of lightweight automobile, aluminum alloy has been widely used due to its remarkable light weight effect, better process realization path and relatively low cost. Aluminum alloy wheels, aluminum alloy bodies, all-aluminum engines, aluminum alloy transmission housings, etc. have been widely used in various price models of major brands.

 Compared with the automotive market in Europe and the United States, the requirements for energy saving and emission reduction are more stringent. Since the Tesla Model S has applied a large number of aluminum alloy components to reduce weight and reduce power consumption, it has caused many new energy vehicles to follow. According to the national automobile industry plan, the consumption of aluminum alloy bicycles for domestically produced vehicles is expected to reach 250kg in 2025, corresponding to market space of 336.6 billion, and the annual compound growth rate is 12%.

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The application of aluminum alloy for powertrain of traditional vehicles has been very popular. The future growth space is in the body and chassis. However, the production process of aluminum alloy body is difficult, the equipment investment is large, and the cost is high. It is expected to be applied only in high-end models. Aluminum alloy chassis parts and body structural parts have a good development prospect, and aluminum die-casting is the best process for producing the above-mentioned parts, and the aluminum die-casting market is expected to take the lead.
Domestic aluminum die-casting enterprises have entered the global mainstream car enterprise supporting system, but compared with foreign die-casting giants, domestic leading enterprises are small in scale and still have a large room for growth. In addition, the aluminum alloy battery casing in the new energy vehicle is completely new, and relevant enterprises will fully enjoy the continuous high growth dividend of new energy vehicles.

Domestic aluminum die-casting enterprises are still in the high-speed growth period, and have obtained the profitability of similar enterprises in the world through lean management and full coverage of production processes. It is recommended to grasp the aluminum die-casting enterprises that can support the strong product cycle car manufacturers and the aluminum die-casting enterprises that can expand the product categories, as well as the suppliers of excellent aluminum alloy battery casings.

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