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Visiting NIO Hefei Plant: It is an ES8 and ES6 production base capable of producing 100,000 units per year.

Visiting NIO Hefei Plant: It is an ES8 and ES6 production base capable of producing 100,000 units per year.


The base covers an area of about 840 acres and is the production base of NIO Automobile ES8 and ES6. According to the original scale, the NIO Automobile Hefei Plant can produce 100,000 vehicles a year.


The base began construction in October 2016 and was officially put into use in the second half of 2017.


This new intelligent high-end electric vehicle manufacturing base is built according to the highest standards in the industry. It has four major workshops for stamping, body painting, painting and final assembly. It has the latest all-aluminum body production line in China.


There are also quality centers, test tracks, energy centers, NIO Center and integrated office areas.


At present, there are more than 2,070 Jianghuai select first-line operators and more than 200 permanent resident bases from NIO manufacturing, quality, supply management and R&D.


Most of the manufacturing bases and team leaders have been packaged and trained by NIO Nanjing's advanced trial line, and then returned to the Hefei base as seed players. Through the help of the band, the first-line employees have qualified technical quality.


The new manufacturing base adopts an order production system with an annual production capacity of 100,000 intelligent pure electric vehicles (double shift).


As of September 30, 2018, NIO has delivered a total of 3,368 high-performance electric 7-seat SUVs ES8, of which 3,268 were delivered in the third quarter of 2018.


In September 2018, the number of deliveries per month was 1,766 units, an increase of about 58% from the previous month.


In addition, through continuous upgrading and upgrading of the production line, it will not only meet the growing demand for ES8 orders, but also reserve capacity for the five high-end electric SUVs ES6 that are expected to be delivered in June and July 2019.


The goal of achieving a cumulative delivery of 10,000 ES8s in the second half of 2018 is expected to remain unchanged.


Li Bin, founder and CEO of NIO Automobile, said that on October 23, two years ago, NIO Motors laid the first pile in Hefei, and now it has changed from an open space to a world-class factory.


Shen Feng, vice president of NIO Automobile, said that the NIO Hefei plant is the latest aluminum body shop in the world, including the highest aluminum content in the body and the high degree of automation in the body shop.


At the beginning of the construction, 261 robots were started. Recently, the ES6 line has been modified with 46 robots.Shen Feng pointed out that 16 robots work in one body at the same time, as far as these robots are dancing, very Stunning.


The highest proportion of all-aluminum body in the global production car.


According to the introduction, NIO Automobile spent more than 500 million yuan before and after the construction of the Hefei plant. One of the characteristics of NIO Automobile is that the global aluminum production body has the highest proportion of all-aluminum, in order to ensure that the body-in-white is light.


For example, the ES8's body-in-white aluminum is used in a proportion of 96.4%, making it the highest proportion of all-aluminum bodies in the world. Aluminum has the characteristics of low density, corrosion resistance, easy regeneration, high specific strength and good impact absorption.

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