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  • Disinfection and sanitation robot

    Disinfection and sanitation robot

    1. High efficiency Multi-angle 360° stereo spray with automatic lifting nozzle. 2. Ultra-dry disinfectant spray, up to 6-log dispersion with full coverage. 3. 1000m3 disinfection can be done in fastest 15min. 4. Intelligent Use task configuration tool to configure task time, route, content, move frequency, task planning etc. 5. By pressing a button, remote control or timer task to start disinfection. 6. Working logs automatically saved; autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and autonomous charging; 7. SafetyUltra-dry disinfectant atomization with no residue, way safer human-machine separation, reducing personnel contact so as to reduce the risk of infection effectively. Advantages: 1.Dry fog 2.Spray less than 10um dry fog particles in speed 3L/h. Real whole room sterilization 3. Auto task fulfilling and charging 4. 7/24 after-sales service 5. no people work to keep safe and save cost on people works 6. Spray less than 10um dry fog particles in speed 3L/h. 7. Real whole room sterilization 8. Auto task fulfilling and charging 9. Sterilize chemical with less than 10um particles, which is friendly with any medical machine 10. High efficiency, 1000M3 spaying volume per hour. 11. Auto execute tasks 12. multi-station management system 13. No-contacted temperature detection 14. Fever detection function optional 15. Self-recharging 16. Liquid filling reminder 17. Autonomous avoidance 18. iPad remote control

  • Autonomous Intelligence Robot Base

    Autonomous Intelligence Robot Base

    SLAM navigation Cloud multi-machine scheduling Elevator Internet of Things Multi-level stereo map Communication: 2G/3G/4G /WiFi Batter Life: 6 hours 7*24 hours continuous work One-stop SLAM toolkit Suitable Indoor Environment: √ Smooth floor tiles √ Wooden floors √ Complex areas √ Narrow spaces

  • Intelligence UV robot

    Intelligence UV robot

    Intelligence UVC robot UV disinfect robot Intelligence sterilize robot Security and Environmental protection Safer disinfection process No adhesion, small particles, no residue! Autonomous navigation High efficient sterilization Short wave UVC ultraviolet lamp + Disinfectant atomizer Dual mode no dead corner disinfection Let bacteria and viruses have nowhere to hide Traceability Real-time monitoring of disinfection process, production complete work log, disinfection path is clear

  • Service Robot

    Service Robot

    √ Autonomous Elevator √ Autonomous Avoidance + Recharge √ Automatic Call √ Intelligent Map Creating

  • Disinfection robot

    Disinfection robot

    Product Features ① The spray volume is up to 3000 ml/h, with the atomized particles less than 10 microns; ② It supports the use of such conventional disinfectants as hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and peracetic acid; ③ The spray diameter is 8 m, leaving no dead corners in the disinfection area; ④ 16 L large-capacity tank covers a disinfection area up to 4000-5000 ㎡; ⑤ It is simple to use with mobile app control and supports two disinfection modes: regular disinfection, immediate disinfection; ⑥ It can automatically detect the obstacles without manual monitoring, thus reducing the burden on personnel; ⑦ The autonomous navigation function enables a full coverage of the disinfection area; ⑧ With 6 hours of battery life, repeated charging is not needed; ⑨ Automatic return for charging spares the trouble of artificial assistance for charging; ⑩ When the disinfection solution is lower than the warning level, the robot will automatically close the spray device and returns to the waiting area.

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